BSPP Presidents

2015 Dr Julie Flood

2015 Prof Gary Foster

2014 Prof Lesley Torrance

2013 Dr Mike Shaw

2012 Prof James Brown

2011 Prof George Salmond

2010 Prof Sarah Gurr

2009 Prof Graham Jellis / Prof Sarah Gurr

2008 Prof Graham Jellis

2007 Dr Richard Cooper

2006 Prof Peter Mills

2005 Prof Phil E. Russell

2004 Dr Stuart Wale

2003 Prof John Lucas

2002 Prof Roger Plumb

2001 Dr Chris Gilligan

2000 Prof John Mansfield

1999 Prof Mike Jeger

1998 Prof David Ingram: Biodiversity, plant pathogens and conservation. Plant Pathology 48, 433-442.

1997 Dr Nigel V Hardwick: Whither or wither extension plant pathology? Plant Pathology 47, 379-393.

1996 Dr Peter Scott: The incredible pace of change: information technology in support of plant pathology. Plant Pathology 46, 615-635.

1995 Prof Ian Crute: The elucidation and exploitation of gene-for-gene recognition. Plant Pathology 47, 107-113.

1994 Dr Chris E Caten: The mutable and treacherous tribe revisited. Plant Pathology 45, 1-12.

1993 Dr David J Royle: Understanding and predicting epidemics: a commentary based on selected pathosystems. Plant Pathology 43, 777-789.

1992 Prof John Blakeman: Pathogens in the foliar environment. Plant Pathology 42, 479-493.

1991 Dr Roy Johnson: Reflections of a plant pathologist on breeding for disease resistance, with emphasis on yellow rust and eyespot of wheat. Plant Pathology 41, 239-254.

1990 Dr J Mike Thresh: The ecology of tropical plant viruses. Plant Pathology 40, 324-339.

1989 Dr John R Coley-Smith: White rot disease of Allium: problems of soil-borne diseases in microcosm. Plant Pathology 39, 214-222.

1988 Dr John T Fletcher: Advisory plant pathology - challenges and opportunities. Plant Pathology 38, 132-143.

1987 Dr Tom F Preece: Some observations on Pseudomonas-induced plant diseases: a prelude to understanding their epidemiology. Plant Pathology 37, 460-469.

1986 Prof Brian E J Wheeler: Plant pathology in a developing world. Plant Pathology 36, 430-437.

1985 Prof Peter R Day: Plant-parasite interaction: a genetical perspective. Plant Pathology 35, 263-269.

1984 Dr E Lester: Objectives and perspectives in plant disease control. Plant Pathology 35, 2-14.

1983 Prof Martin S Wolfe: Trying to understand and control powdery mildew. Plant Pathology 33, 451-466.

1982 Prof Ronald K S Wood: Establishment of infection. Plant Pathology 33, 3-12.