Dr Mahmut Tör

Time of writing: 2016

Professor Mahmut Tör (Treasurer)

Having grown up in rural Turkey, it was a natural choice for me to study entomology and plant pathology for my degree at Cukurova University, in Turkey's largest agricultural department. When I came to the UK for an MSc and PhD in plant pathology at Wye College, University of London, I became fascinated by the then new area of molecular biology of plant diseases. Since that time, I have developed my career in molecular host-pathogen interactions, with particular interest in oomycete pathogens. Over the years I have worked at universities in both Turkey and the UK, including London, Akdeniz (in Antalya, Turkey) and Warwick, and now research and lecture in plant and microbial biology at the University of Worcester. In addition to fundamental research, I have also been successfully involved in translational work for breeding companies to search for markers of pest resistance using new genome technologies.