Dr Pietro Spanu

Time of writing: 2017

For many years I have been a member of the BSPP. In this time, I have enjoyed many of its activities: the conferences, the outreach, the sponsorship of my students at Imperial College. I started off working on mycorrhizae as an undergrad research student, but moved early on to plant disease for my PhD. Over the past decade, I devoted myself to researching cereal powdery mildews applying emergent genomics to understanding these fascinating and important diseases. I have worked in leading research universities (Basel, Oxford, Imperial) where I could combine my research with the education mission in ideal conditions. My aspiration as a member of the BSPP board is to support an integrated approach to plant pathology that is key to an effective crop protection and food security in the years ahead. It is now time to give something back to this great community by serving on the BSPP Board.