Professor Richard Oliver

I studied biochemistry at Bristol and a did a PhD on chlorophyll biosynthesis and then moved to Copenhagen to the Carlsberg lab. My post-doc period was my training in the new science of molecular biology. A chance encounter with Viggo Smedegaard convinced me that plants must activate genes to defend themselves against pathogens and so my pitch for a lectureship at UEA in Norwich was to study these genes. Since then I have worked on several pathosystems (including tomato and Cladosporium; Arabidopsis mildew; barley powdery mildew; Septoria nodorum on wheat) focussing more on the fungi than the host, and using molecular techniques such as functional genetics, and genomics. More recently I have focussed a good deal on fungicide resistance. My career has taken me to Norwich, to Denmark twice and to Australia where I am the Chief Scientist of the Centre for Crop and Disease management. I now split my time between Australia and the UK so as to maintain the links between our Centre and the numerous collaborations in the UK, Europe and North America.