Dr. Wing Sham Lee, BSPP Co-opted - Membership secretary

Wing Sham Lee

Wing Sham (Sam) Lee is a core-funded post-doctoral researcher at Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire. Her first degree was in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, where she was originally drawn to Plant Sciences by the enthusiasm of the lecturers who were also the most fun. She soon became fascinated by the elegance and complexities of plant-pathogen interactions and of plant defence signalling in particular. She carried out her PhD studies at Cambridge University, investigating the role of salicylic acid-induced defences in anti-viral defence.

She then joined Rothamsted Research in her current position, where she is using virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) to investigate the defence mechanisms involved in the host response to infection by Zymoseptoria tritici and Fusarium graminearum, two economically important fungal pathogens of wheat.

Originally from Manchester, Sam has tried hard to find good mushy peas, chips and gravy in Hertfordshire to little avail. She enjoys walking, badminton and reading, although she finds it hard on walking holidays to pass arable fields without pausing to look for evidence of fungal or viral diseases on the crop plants.