Dr Nelly Brewer

Time of writing: Dec 2016

I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bristol, working on cassava viruses. I joined the BSPP at the start of my PhD at Rothamsted Research in 2010, where I used Arabidopsis to model Fusarium Ear Blight disease of wheat. Prior to that I studied Biology and Spanish at the University of Birmingham, analysing the behaviour of aphids on Arabidopsis for my undergraduate dissertation. I've also completed a fellowship at the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology, researching the use of Big Data for Public Health.

I've always been a keen social media user, and was invited to tweet for the BSPP while on maternity leave in 2016. I aim to use the twitter account to increase the visibility of the BSPP, highlight society news and funding opportunities, promote research published in its journals and attract new members, as well as generally sharing plant pathology news and research. The BSPP is very close to my heart and I've really benefitted from the networking opportunities and sense of community, so I'm glad to be able to promote the society.

Beyond the world of plant pathology I enjoy living in the beautiful Forest of Dean, being a work-from-home mum to a toddler and breeding prize-winning pet fancy rats.

Follow the BSPP on twitter: @BS_PP
Follow me on twitter: @nellyplants