Dr Richard Harrison

Time of writing: 2016

After training in fungal molecular genetics and population genomics through a BBSRC PhD (U/Manchester) and an MRC fellowship (U/Edinburgh) I moved to East Malling (now NIAB EMR) in late 2011 to take up a research leader position in genetics. After attending the 2012 Presidential meeting I was inspired to focus my research in the area of plant-microbe interactions, having seen how my skills could be applied to improve disease resistance. I am now head of the Genetics, Genomics and Breeding department and lead a multidisciplinary team that works closely with industry and academic collaborators to develop approaches to deploy durable disease resistance across a range of crops including strawberry, apple, cherry and onion. I try to attend as many BSPP/MBPP conferences as possible and encourage my students and postdocs to also involve themselves in the society. It is a fantastic opportunity to serve on the BSPP board and I hope to assist in furthering the membership of the society and helping to inspire others to develop their careers in plant pathology.