Dr Andy Bailey

Time of writing: 2016

I am a senior lecturer at the University of Bristol, running a research group looking at various aspects of applied mycology and plant pathology. I have broad interests in plant pathology, with current research looking at sporulation processes in cereal pathogenic fungi, the roles of fungal secondary metabolites in pathogenesis of plants and mushrooms, fungal genome-mining approaches for discovery of products for crop protection and generation and also manipulation of infectious clones of plant viruses such as those causing Cassava Brown Streak Disease. I have long-standing interests in both undergrad and postgrad training, teaching Plant Disease to one of the largest classes in the country and having served four years as academic coordinator of the regional BBSRC DTP. I have also participated in a wide range of public outreach events relating to plant pathology.

I am a Senior Technical Expert in the Biostress Biology section at Syngenta Jealott’s Hill. My research is focused on developing new molecular tools for chemical genetics in both fungal and oomycete research with a focus on Zymoseptoria tritici and Phytophthora spp. Over the last 17 years I have collaborated extensively with a wide range of academic research groups to further the plant pathology field and am engaged with the wider UK scientific community having sat on both BBSRC’s Strategy and Review Panels.

I am an active member of the British Plant Pathology community, energetically promoting the mixing of industrial and academic science; taking part and encouraging people at Syngenta to participate in the annual Molecular Biology of Plant Pathogens meeting as this gives young researchers exposure to research being carried out by the wider pathology community.

I bring an experienced industrial perspective on crop protection and fungal genetics and work to further encourage interaction between industrial and academic researchers.