Introducing Minghui Yin: the next Outreach Intern!

09 Apr 2014

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Written by Minghui Yin (University of Edinburgh/BSPP Outreach Intern).

I am a final year PhD student working with Professor Gary Loake at the University of Edinburgh. I am studying the signalling regulatory mechanisms of plant disease resistance with the aim of improving the understanding of plant defence pathways.

Throughout my project, I have realised that plant sciences and especially plant pathology, are not only vital for agriculture, but also for human health; from diet and nutrition, to helping us understand how plants synthesise molecules to improve drug development.

The BSPP Outreach Internship will provide me with a great opportunity to promote the understanding of the importance of plant pathology to human life

I will be completing my internship from April – June. I will be involved in many activities including:

  • Researching and developing educational resources for secondary school and sixth form; helping to run activities with new resources at events and school visits.
  • Writing news posts for the BSPP website about interesting plant pathology stories.
  • Developing videos for the BSPP website that explain the broad range of careers available in plant pathology and what it is like being a plant pathologist. 

Through working with BSPP Outreach, I am looking forward to extending my knowledge of plant pathology, strengthening my communication skills both academically through working with scientists and non-academically through engaging members of the public.