Careers in Plant Pathology

04 Mar 2014

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What is a Plant Pathologist?

A plant pathologist is someone who's interested in understanding the organisms and agents that cause plant diseases and how diseases affect plant health. As you'll see in the profiles below, there is a massive range of plant pathology careers. Most plant pathologists work in university departments, commercial companies or do government funded research. Career profiles.

Find out about the range of plant pathology careers in the new BSPP Outreach Careers Flyer (PDF)!

Work experience

Are you interested in work experience as a plant doctor? Please get in touch and we will help arrange a work placement for you.

Example work experience placement: 'The Processors and Growers Research Organisation is an applied research centre. If you are interested in a career in biology, plant science or agronomy then have a chat to their staff who are willing to host students on work experience for a day or longer. Have a look at how plant doctors are able to diagnose plant diseases and offer advice to growers on how best to treat their crop. See a seed testing lab where seed is tested for disease and germination. See for more information'


A number of universities offer undergraduate courses (e.g. Applied Biology) that include a significant number (i.e. >12) of lectures in Plant Pathology according to the BSPP audit. These include:

Undergraduate courses Forestry courses

Aberystwyth University

University of Exeter

Bangor University

Canterbury Christ Church University

University of Nottingham

University of Aberdeen

Harper Adams University

University of Reading

Newcastle University

Imperial College London

University of Worcester

University of Worcester

Newcastle University

University of Warwick

University of Aberdeen

Askham Bryan College

University of Bath

Easton College

University of Bristol

University of Dundee

University of Cambridge

Scotland's Rural College (SRUC)

University of East Anglia

The Royal Agricultural College

University of Edinburgh



Career resources

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