BSPP Board Membership, Vice President and Honorary Members

31 Jul 2012

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Nominations for BSPP Board Membership

Members of the Society are invited to nominate fellow members who would be willing to serve as elected members of the BSPP Board. The Board of BSPP meets four times each year, usually in London, to manage the affairs and business of the Society, to plan the annual Presidential Conference and other ad hoc meetings and to promote the interests of the Society and its members. Board meetings are conducted in a friendly and relaxed manner. Membership of the Board of BSPP allows members to play an important role in the activities of the Society. The wellbeing of the Society depends on the continuing support members give the Board. Elected members usually serve for a three year period. The Board is especially keen to encourage participation by younger members of the Society, so if you know of fellow members who would make a positive contribution to the work of the Society, please ask them to consider accepting nomination.

Nominations are currently required for two elected Board members to serve from 2013 – 2015. Nominations, which should be seconded and have the approval of the nominee, should be sent by e-mail or post to the Board Secretary, Roger Williams, by 6 September 2012. If more than two nominations are received, an electronic ballot will be held in the late autumn. In the event of a ballot, if any member would prefer to vote by post, rather than electronically, they should inform the Secretary now and he will make arrangements to provide a postal vote.

Suggestions for BSPP Vice President and Honorary Membership

Members of the Society are also invited, by 6 September 2012, to suggest possible candidates for the role of Vice President for 2013. The Vice President serves for one year before becoming President Elect in 2014 and then President in 2015. Suggestions will be considered by BSPP Board at its meeting in September.

Finally, Members are invited to put forward their thoughts on individuals to be considered by BSPP Board for Honorary Membership. Again, the deadline is 6 September 2012 and Board will consider Honorary Membership at the September Board meeting.

Roger Williams, BSPP Secretary
Foundation for Arable Research, Templeton, Canterbury, New Zealand.