BSPP Treasurer required

25 Jun 2009

The BSPP requires a new Treasurer from 2010. If you are interested in this role then please contact the BSPP President. The duties of the Treasurer are outlined below and if you would like to get further information then please contact the current BSPP Treasurer, Roger Plumb either by telephone:-  01582 763133 ext 2316 or by email

The role of BSPP Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible to the Board of BSPP for financial management.  This includes bank accounts and an investment portfolio.  The Investment portfolio is managed by a professional company in consultation with the Treasurer.  The bank accounts provide day to day resources for running the Society’s activites, funding conferences, travel grants, bursaries, studentships and promotion fund.  In all these areas decisions are made by a subgroup of the Board not by the Treasurer alone.  In addition the Treasurer, with the Board’s approval, sets budgets each year for the various areas of expenditure and monitors them throughout the year.  In addition the Treasurer

  • provides an audit trail for all transactions and submits all the necessary information to our Auditors at the end of each financial year,
  • Submits the Society’s annual return to the Charity Commission and, with the Secretary (and the Auditors) ensures that the report meets all current legal requirements
  • Pays affiliation fees to national and international societies of which BSPP is a member and the cost of insurance

The treasurer prepares a report for each of the Board’s 4 meetings a year and the annual business meeting and provides an annual summary of the state of the finances for the Newsletter, attends the Management Committees of our two journals at Wiley/Blackwell in Oxford and, of course, contributes to the discussions at Board meetings on the direction and activities of BSPP.

It is difficult to be certain how much time it takes.  There is a regular (daily/weekly) need to write cheques and deal with banking matters, liaise with other officers etc.  The year end requires the bringing together of documentation for the audit and liasing with the auditors (currently in Sutton,Surrey) and each Board meeting requires work in preparing the report.  Averaged over the year perhaps ½ day a week might be about right.  It partly depends on whether you have any secretarial support.

The post is not (and under our charitable status cannot be) remunerated but does give the satisfaction of contributing to the premier Plant Pathology Society in Europe and contributing to its smooth running and influencing its future.

At present the BSPP’s finances are in good shape althought the recent financial shocks have had their effect.