Pesticides and GM: Make your own TV documentary!

06 Mar 2009

"You Choose the News", a new computer game created by SCRI scientist Eleanor Gilroy, lets you create your own news report. The aim of the game is to create an unbiased TV news item about the proposed EU chemical pesticide ban and the effects and solutions to this proposal. By selecting from a series of short video clips, you can create a balanced documentary and a finished news item.

The game can be used at an exhibition, in schools as part of GM debate or as a standalone exhibit that could be useful for anyone interested in bringing these issues to school children or the public. The programme was created by scientists at SCRI with the support of The British Society of Plant Pathology, in conjunction with Lindsay Hogg from the Glasgow Science Centre and Jenny Ross, camera operator.

"You Choose the News" will be exhibited at the Dundee Sensation Science Centre on the 8th and 9th of March as part of women in STEM event.

Play the game now!