Welcome to BSPPWeb 2.0

06 Jan 2009

The BSPP Website has been updated and migrated from a windows to a linux server. Over the last few months the webmanager has been working with a contactor on the migration. There have been a few cosmetic changes to the menus and layout, but most of the work has been taken place behind the scenes: re-organisation of content, creation of databases and re-writes of code.

One of the biggest changes has been to the members database, which has been completely re-structured and re-coded to facilitate administration and allow for the potential of future on-line joining and payment of subscriptions. In addition members can now add a link to their own personal or insititute web page(s) and add a few words of additional text to expand their profile.

The other major change has been the transfer of New Disease Reports to a dynamic database-driven system, this will make it easier and faster to search and facilitate long-term maintenance and updates

Some of these changes may mean that old bookmarks/links may no longer work and will need to be updated, and given the scale of the exercise it is possible that there may still be some bugs. So please inform the webmanager if you have any problems.

Enjoy !