2015 BSPP Poster and Presentation Prize Winners...

21 Sep 2015

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Announcing the prize winners at the BSPP 2015 Presidential conference:

PH Gregory prize

The £250 PH Gregory prize and certificate for the best presentation made by a young scientist who has not previously presented at a paper at a BSPP meeting was awarded to Fay Newbery (middle right) of the University of Reading, for her talk "Maintaining oilseed rape yield in a changing climate: modelling for a warmer future". Click here for more information on the PH Gregory prize including previous winner

J Colhoun prize

The £100 J Colhoun prize and certificate for best poster was awarded to Kathryn Hales (left) of the University of Warwick for her poster "Understanding the ecology and epidemiology of Pythium violae to enable disease management in carrot crops".Click here for more information on the J Colhoun prize including previous winners 

Congratulations to both! 

Also pictured is Xiaolei Jin (right) who won the competition to design the next BSPP T-Shirt. Her design can be seen here...