Results: BSPP Elected Board Members for 2015-2017

20 Nov 2014

Below are the election biographies of our successful candidates for the BSPP Elected Board Members for 2015-2017.

John Carr

Plant pathology is central to productive and sustainable agriculture. BSPP has championed our field, in particular through encouragement of younger scientists to enter plant pathology and through outreach to the public and decision makers. Closer to home, BSPP supports summer students and provides generous conference grants and this has been of immense help to my own research group. Thus, my reasons for seeking election to the Board come from wanting to contribute something back to BSPP, plus a desire to promote the growth and development of our vital discipline. I work on resistance to viruses, fungi and bacteria and teach plant pathology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I previously served on committees of the Society for General Microbiology and Association of Applied Biologists, and on editorial boards of several journals. I believe my experience in these roles will be valuable in serving on the Board of the BSPP.

John Jones is based at The James Hutton Institute and has 25 years experience of working with plant-parasitic nematodes. John has more than 70 refereed papers, has co-edited two books and is a member of the Molecular Plant Pathology Editorial Board. John’s research interests are in genomics and effector biology of plant parasitic nematodes. His work is closely linked with that of other plant pathologists through the activities of the Dundee Effector Consortium.

John Jones

John has experience of working with BSPP through contributing to the organisation of MBPP meetings, which are supported by BSPP. John has served on the governing boards of other scientific societies including the European Society of Nematologists (2006 – present) and the British Society for Parasitology (1999-2007). John is part of the team that will organise the 2019 MPMI in Glasgow and is keen to explore ways in which BSPP can be involved in this meeting through support for their student members.