BSPP MSc Project Bursary Fund

The M.Sc. research project bursary scheme is now obsolete. More MSc/MRes funds are now available here.

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2017

Applicant: Laurence Bindschedler
Institution: Royal Holloway
Student: Sebastien Lambertucci-Bonnet
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Applicant: Mahmut Tor
Institution: Worcester
Student: Eleanor Brant
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MSc Bursaries Awarded 2016

Applicant: Rumiana Ray
At: University of Nottingham
Title: Using fluorescence and real-time PCR to detect Zymoseptoria tritici in wheat to inform decisions for disease management.
Student: Dimitra Angelopoulou

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2015

Applicant: Liliana Franco Lara, Nottingham (Matt Dickinson)
Title: Optimization of methods for analyzing sequences of the genes SecA , SecY and Tuf for the identification of 'Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris' in trees of Croton bogotanus
Student: Yuly Elien Bernal Rosas

Applicant: Paul Birch, JHI
Title: New regulatory mechanisms in the plant-pathogen arms race
Student: Fokion Chatziavgerinos

Applicant: David Kenyon, SASA
Title: Potential control of soil-borne potato diseases using Brassica spp. mediated biofumigatio
Student: Aurelia Bezanger

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2013

Applicant: Dr Gail Preston
Student: Milena Molasy
University of Oxford, Linacre College, St Cross Road, Oxford,  OX1 3JA.
Title: The role of serine hydroxyl methyl transferases (SHMs) in plant defence against Pseudomonas syringae PV. Tomato DC 3000.

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2012

Applicant: Professor James Brown.
Student: Clea Lachaux.
At: John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, Colney, Norwich, NR4 7UH.
Title: Optimisation of a method for transformation of powdery mildew fungi.

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2011

Applicant: Dr Ingo Hein
Student: Pauline Van Weymers
At: Plant Pathology Programme, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Invergowrie, Dundee DD2 5DA, Scotland, UK
Title: Characterisation of Phytophthora infestans resistance in wild diploid potatoes using diverse late blight elicitors and effectors.

Applicant: Dr Matthew Dickinson
Student: Laura Margarita Perilla Henao
At:School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham, Room C32 Plant Sciences, Sutton Bonnington LE12 5RD
Title: Identification and classification of phytoplasmas of insects and ornamental plants from Bogota, Colombia.

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2010

Applicant: Dr Eric Boa
Student: Hilda Dooley
At: Global Plant Clinic, CABI Bioscience, Bakeham Lane, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9TY.
Title: Review of plant health clinics in Karnataka, India: Impacts on stakeholders.

Applicant: Dr Simon Archer
Student: Fabio C.G. Da Silva
At: Department of Life Sciences, Division of Biology, Imperial College, Silwood Park campus, Ascot Berks, SL5 7PY
Title: The impact of Dothistroma needle blight on pure and mixed stands of Corsican pine (Pinus nigra subsp. laricio (Poir.) Maire) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Thetford Forest, East Anglia, UK: effects on height, diameter and volume.

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2009

Applicant: Prof N. Magan
Supervisor: Prof N. Magan
Title: Environmental factors, mycotoxins and infection of oats by Fusarium langsethiae
At: Applied Mycology Group, Cranfield Health School, Vincent Building, Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedford MK43 0AL
Student: Eva Maria
Time:12 weeks

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2008

No applications

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2007

Applicant: Dr Simon Archer
Supervisor: Dr Simon Archer and Dr Sarah Thomas of CABI
Title: Investigation into the factors affecting the germination of conidia of Trichoderma isolates on leaves and pods of Theobroma cacao
At: Department of Biology, Imperial College, London SW7 2AZ (or Division of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Imperial College, Silwood Park Campus, Ascot, Berks, SL5 7PY)
Student: Chinwe Loan Ogu
Time: 17 Weeks (to commence April 30th 2007)

Applicant: Dr Akinwunmi O. Latunde-Dada
Supervisor: Dr Akinwunmi O. Latunde-Dada
Title: Regional variation in the race structure of Leptosphaeria maculans populations on winter oilseed rape in the UK
At: Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Herts AL5 2JQ
Student: Dasuni Pathmapani Jayaweera
Time: 17 weeks (commencing 30th April 2007)

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2006

Applicant: Dr Simon A. Archer (At Department of Biological Sciences, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College, London SW7 2AZ)
Supervisors: Caitilyn Allen and associates at Madison (USA)
Title: Studies on the regulation of taxis in the plant pathogenic bacterium Ralstonia solanacearum.
At: The student will work at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.
Student: Guillaume Daverdin

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2005

Student: Carlos Pires, Supervisors: Prof. Naresh Magan, CranfieldUniversity
Project: Impact of environmental conditions and fungicide spray targeting onwheat ears for more effective control of Fusarium ear blight and DONcontamination

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2004

Student: Hale Ann Tufan, Supervisors: Dr. Lesley Boyd, John Innes Centre,Norwich
Project: Characterisation of yellow rust resistance in wheat as NBS-LRR typeusing an expressed, DNA marker system.

Student: Veronica Briz, Supervisors: Dr. Matthew Dickinson, University ofNottingham
Project: Localisation of brown rust proteins during infection of wheat.

Student: Sarah Archibald, Supervisors: Dr. Simon Archer & Dr. Anna Brown,Imperial College
Project: Red needle blight of Corsican pine: status in Britain, effects ongrowth of the host and population studies on the pathogen.

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2003

Amaala A. Muhammad to work with Dr. Dave Henman (Rothamsted Research)& Dr. Simon Archer (Imperial College)

MSc Bursaries Awarded 2002

Paula Azevedo Rodrigues, Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Vila Real,Portugal, to work with Lesley Boyd, John Innes Centre, on genetics of non-hostresistance in wheat to barley yellow rust.

Biswanath Das, Imperial College, University of London, to workwith Prasad Sreenivasaprasad, Horticulture Research International, on characterisationof Rhizoctonia spp. involved in the rice sheath disease complex.

Alice Smith, University of Wales, Bangor, to work withRichard Shattock, University of Wales, David Cooke, Scottish Crop ResearchInstitute, on relationships between Peronospora hariotii (downy mildewof Buddleja davidii) and P. grisea and P. sordida from species ofScrophulariaceae.