British Society for Plant Pathology
25th Anniversary Celebratory Meeting

Imperial College, London 19th December 2006

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the foundation of the British Society for Plant Pathology, a special celebratory one day meeting was held at Imperial College, London on 19th December 2006. The programme of talks was specially organised to reflect the past, present and future interests of the Society.

Peter Mills (BSPP President 2006)

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Special 25th Anniversary Articles

Abstracts and selected talk downloads from the 25th Anniversary Meeting

Abstracts Talks
Peter Scott, Immediate Past President of ISPP
The global impact of plant diseases

Chris Gilligan, University of Cambridge 
Epidemiology from individuals to populations
Ian Smith, Formerly Director-General EPPO, Paris
Past, current and future disease threats to UK agriculture
James Brown, John Innes Centre, Norwich
Genetics of disease resistance
Naomi Pain, Syngenta, Jealotts Hill Research Centre
Agrochemical control; screening, costs, efficacy and environment
John Whipps, Warwick-HRI
Alternative control methods
John Mansfield, Imperial College at Wye
The pathogen; mechanisms of attack and novel targets
Kim Hammond-Kosack, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden
The host: Resistance gene isolation and realising the potential
Tony Gilland, Institute of Ideas, London
Public understanding of plant pathology; what do the public know and what shapes what they know?
Jeff Waage, Imperial College at Wye
Foresight: the future of plant pathology