BSPP Presidential Meeting 2002

Plant Pathology and Global Food Security

The 2002 BSPP Presidential conference Plant Pathology and Global Food Security was held at at Imperial Collge, London, UK from 8 - 10 July. The BSPP president was Prof. Roger Plumb.  Abstracts of all papers and posters are available from the links below and also in Word format for downloading. 

Abstract Contents


Paper and poster abstracts (MS Word 196kb)

The Meeting

This meeting was used as a forum for addressing seriously some of the important policy issues that affect those working in tropical agriculture, as well as those working on more fundamental aspects of plant pathology that may have an impact on developing country agriculture. The aim of the meeting was to mobilise discussion of the key issues and publicise the role of plant pathology in addressing major global concerns.

The meeting addressed the following themes:

  • Potential impacts of disease resistance biotechnology in developing countries
  • Global disease concerns and trade.
  • Sustainable disease management in agricultural systems under threat.
  • Extension alternatives in the 21st Century.

The meeting attracted practitioners, scientists and policy makers from around the world and the range of invited speakers reflected the international sighnificance and importance of this topic area.

President: Professor Roger Plumb
Programme Secretary: Dr Matt Dickinson
Booking Secretary and Local Organiser: Dr Simon Archer