BSPP Presidential Meeting 1999

Biotic Interactions in Plant-pathogen Associations

The 1999 BSPP Presidential conference was held at at Hertford College, Oxford, UK from 19 - 22 December in association with the Association of Applied Biologists Virology Group. The BSPP president was Prof. Mike Jeger. Abstracts of all papers and posters are available online below and also in Word format for downloading. Pictures of the conference highlights are also online.

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Abstract Contents

Presidential Address

Session I - Within-taxon population interactions

Session II - Interactions with fungi

Session III - Interactions with prokaryotes

The Garrett Memorial Lecture

Session IV - Virus-Vector associations: homoptera

Session V - Virus-Vector associations: other

Session VI - Biological Control: within taxon

Session VII - Biological Control: across taxon

Session VIII - Disease complexes and complex aetiology

Session IX - Methodology and modelling

P. H. Gregory Prize Offered Paper Competition

Offered Posters

Competiton Posters

Presidential Address:The theory of plant disease epidemics
Professor Mike J. Jeger

The text of the presidential address appears in Plant Pathology.

Session I - Within-taxon population interactions

Population consequences of vegetative (in)compatibility in fungi
Rolf F. Hoekstra, Fons Debets and Maarten Nauta

Why study the population genetics of plant associated bacteria? Paul Rainey

Session II - Interactions with fungi

Epichlo grass endophytes and their interaction with a symbiotic fly.
Adrian Leuchtmann.

Influence of virus spread on the outcome of interspecific hybridisation between fungal pathogens
Clive M. Brasier.

Fungal endophytes and nematodes of agricultural and amenity grasses
Roger Cook and Graham.C. Lewis

Feeding on plant-pathogenic fungi by invertebrates: relationships to saprophytic and mycorrhizal systems
Terence P. McGonigle & M. Hyakumuchi.

Session III - Interactions with prokaryotes

Plant interactions with endophytic bacteria
Johannes Hallmann.

Molecular mechanisms underlying GroEL-mediated retention of plant viruses in their insect vectors.
J.F.J.M. van den Heuvel*, S.A. Hogenhout, V. Ziegler-Graff, K. Richards, S. Morin, H. Czosnek, and F. van der Wilk

Are chitinolytic rhizosphere bacteria really beneficial to plants?
Wietse de Boer & J.A. van Veen

Garrett Memorial Lecture

Aphid transmission of potyviruses: the complexities of a seemingly simple process.
Thomas P. Pirone

Session IV - Virus-Vector associations: homoptera

The evolution of virus vectors within the leafhoppers and whiteflies.
Peter G. Markham.

Biotic interactions and whitefly-borne virus epidemics.
John Colvin.

A theoretical assessment of the effects of vector-virus transmission mechanism on plant virus disease epidemics
Larry V. Madden

Session V - Virus-Vector associations: other

Identification and characterisation of virus genes implicated in interactions with their fungal vectors
Michael J. Adams, Apio Diao & Jonathan Mullins.

Investigating the interaction between tobraviruses and their vector nematodes
Stuart MacFarlane.

Eriophyid mite transmitted viruses and virus-like agents of plants
A. Teifion Jones.

Plant virus and insect interactions that determine the specificity of virus transmission by leaf-feeding beetles
Rose C. Gergerich.

Session VI - Biological Control: within taxon

Diversity and interactions among strains of Fusarium oxysporum: application to biological control
Claude Alabouvette, V. Edel, P. Lemanceau, C. Olivain, G Recorbet & C. Steinburg.

The Use of Avirulent Mutants of Ralstonia solanacearum to Control Bacterial Wilt Disease
J.J. Smith & Gerry S. Saddler

Cross Protection in Cucurbits: Problems and Prospects
Benjamin Raccah, E. Lev, A. Gal-on, H. Livne & G. Yarden

Session VII - Biological Control: across taxon

Ecological interactions between plant pathogens and biocontrol bacteria
Brion K. Duffy & Genevive Dfago

Interactions in the rhizosphere between plant parasitic nematodes and nematophagous fungi
Brian R. Kerry.

Biological control as a component of an integrated approach to managing lettuce big-vein
John A. Walsh & Judith M. Bambridge.

Plant pathogen - herbivore interactions and their effects on weeds
Paul E. Hatcher, & Nigel D. Paul.

The role of hyperparasites in host plant - parasitic fungi relationships
Levente Kiss.

Session VIII - Disease complexes and complex aetiology

Microbial diversity, complex disease interrelationships and root health
Richard A. Sikora.

Mutualism and antagonism: Ecological interactions among bark beetles, mites and fungi
Kier D. Klepzig, J.C. Moser, M.J. Lombardero, M.P. Ayres, and R.W. Hofstetter

Disease complexes, marram grass degeneration and sand dune succession
Wim H. van der Putten

Session IX - Methodology and modelling

Development of methods and models and their application to disease problems in the perennial citrus crop system
G. Hughes, T.R. Gottwald & S.M. S. M. Garnsay

The limits to predictability: chaos, stochasticity and hidden variables
Mike W. Shaw.

Modelling the epidemiology of Dutch elm disease
Jonathan Swinton & Chris A. Gilligan.

P. H. Gregory Prize Offered Paper Competition

A technique for screening soil samples for biocontrol agents of late blight of potato.
Elinor Thompson

The effects of environmental factors on light leaf spot epidemics on winter oilseed rape in the UK.
Tijs Gilles

Modelling cross protection between plant virus strains.
Xu-Sheng Zhang and John Holt

The genetic control of resistance to turnip mosaic virus in Brassica.
Rachel L. Rusholme, A.G. Sharpe, C.E. Jenner, S.L. Hughes, I.A. Parkin, J.A. Walsh and D.J. Lydiate

Substantial reductions of wheat diseases by straw.
Barry S. Rogers-Gray

Comparison of morphological, cultural and biological characteristics between Japanese and European strains of Monilinia fructigena (Aderh. & Ruhl.) Honey.
Gerard C.M. van Leeuwen, R.P. Baayen, I. Holb and M.J. Jeger

Modelling the growth of soil-borne fungi in response to carbon and nitrogen
Angelique Lamour, F. Van Den Bosch, A.J. Termorshuizen & M.J. Jeger

Resistance to turnip mosaic virus in Brassica.
Sara L. Hughes, R.L. Rusholme, D.J. Lydiate, M.J. Kearsey and J.A. Walsh

Is the cassava mosaic epidemic in Uganda the result of a new Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) biotype ?
Maruthi, M. N., Seal, S. & Colvin, J.

Offered Posters

Percolation, heterogeneity and the saprotrophic invasion of soil by the fungal pathogen Rhizoctonia solani.
Doug Bailey, Wilfred Otten, and Chris Gilligan

Effect of host biomass and growth stage on the development of Septoria tritici blotch in wheat.
C.M. Bennett, F.J . Bannon and B.M. Cooke

Effects of temperature and wetness duration on infection of oilseed rape by ascospores of A-group or B-group Leptosphaeria maculans (Stem canker).
J.E. Biddulph, B. D. L. Fitt, M. Jedryczka, J. S. West and S.J. Welham

Selection of biological control agents for control of Allium white rot
Simon P Budge, Tina J Payne, John P Clarkson & John M Whipps

Raspberry bushy dwarf virus in Scotland
Chard, J, Irvine, S, McGavin, W, Nevison, I, Roberts, A, Langrell, S & Jones, A T

Forecasting onion downy mildew
John P Clarkson, Roy Kennedy & Kath Phelps

Synthesis of infectious transcripts from a full-length cDNA clone of grapevine virus A and molecular characterization of the viral proteins and RNAs.
N. Galiakparov, O. Aziz, E. Tanne, I. Sela and R. Gafny

Identification of three viruses on Pisum sativum (pea) in South Africa
A.E.C. Jooste, G. Pietersen and G.G.F. Kasdorf

Forecasting light leaf spot of winter oilseed rape in the UK.
N. Evans, B.D.L. Fitt, P. Gladders, S.J. Welham, J.A. Turner and K. Sutherland

The cause and incidence of sweet potato virus disease in Uganda.
Richard W. Gibson, R. O. M. Mwanga, V. Aritua & E. E. Carey.

Spread of fungi through soil: can soil physical conditions affect epidemics?
Wilfred Otten
, Chris Gilligan, Darroch Hall, Kirsty Harris, Iain Young and Karl Ritz

Optimising the use of fungicides to control stem canker of oilseed rape
J.S. West, P.K. Leech, B.D.L. Fitt, S.J. Welham, A. Penaud, and A. Prs, B. Poisson

Plant pathology in the new HGCA R&D strategy for cereals
Roger H. Williams & Graham J. Jellis

The study on the pathogen of tobacco black death disease
Guangmin Zhang & Zhifa Wang

Yield loss of winter oilseed rape in relation to severity of stem canker (Leptosphaeria maculans) in the UK.
Y. Zhou, B. D. L. Fitt, S. J. Welham, P. Gladders, C. E. Sansford & J. S. West

Competition Posters

Preliminary studies on blackspot of roses (Diplocarpon rosae).
Alefayah Ali, Avice Hall, Charles Lane, Roger Cook, Paul Beales, Paul Cannon

Association of dsRNA with effects on growth and virulence in Verticillium fungicola infecting cultivated Mushroom.
Angsana Akarapisan, R.G.T. Hicks and J.M. Clarkson.

Pathogenicity and crucifer isolates of Verticillium dahliae
A. Collins, D. Barbara, D. Parry & S. Edwards

Sequence analysis of Furoviruses of cereals from China and Europe.
Aipo Diao
and M.J.Adams

Yam viruses of the South Pacific Islands.
Bndicte Lebas
, Ed Canning, Lawrence Kenyon and Susan Seal

Identification and characterisation of Arabidopsis thaliana expressed sequence tags representing novel genes for chitinases and thaumatin-like proteins.
N. N. Ludidi
, W. Hide and D. J. G. Rees

Towards molecular detection of strawberry crinkle virus.
Karin Posthuma
, Yiguo Hong & Tony Adams

Resistance to turnip mosaic virus in Brassica.
Sara L. Hughes, R.L. Rusholme, D.J. Lydiate, M.J. Kearsey and J.A. Walsh

Virulent (V1) and avirulent (V2) isolates of Verticillium albo-atrum against a resistant cultivar of Medicago sativa
Mingguo Tang
, Murat Dikilitas, C.J.Smith

The effect of inoculation methods and temperature on disease development inoculated with Verticillium albo-atrum on tomato and lucerne plants
Murat Dikilitas
, C.J. Smith