BSPP Presidential Meeting 1998

Detection, Isolation and Manipulation of Soil and Rhizosphere Micro-organisms

The 1998 BSPP Presidential conference was held at at the University of Warwick, from 15 - 17 December in association with the Society for applied Microbiology. The BSPP president was Prof. David Ingram.

Session I - Pathogenic microbes
Chairman: Prof. David Ingram [BSPP President 1998]

Microbes, the rhizosphere and the soil environment - an overview
Prof Richard Burns
University of Kent at Canterbury

Methods for the study of molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis
Prof Mike Daniels
Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich.

Take-all and the cereal rhizosphere
Dr Anne Osbourn
Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich.

Evaluating alternative technologies for detection and identification of microbes
Dr Ian Barker
CSL, Sand Hutton, York.

Session II - Pathogenic microbes (continued)
Chairman: Prof Geoff Dixon

Modelling soil-borne organisms
Dr Chris Gilligan
University of Cambridge

Detection, quantification and visualisation of fungi in soil using monoclonal antibodies
Dr Chris Thornton
University of Exeter

Session III - P. H. Gregory Prize - Offered Papers Competition
Chairman: Dr Mark Hocart

Session VII - Beneficial Microbes: Symbionts
Chairman: Prof Jim Lynch

Mycorrhizal fungi - detection, isolation and manipulation
Prof David Read
University of Sheffield

PCR monitoring of rhizobial inoculants
Dr Penny Hirsch
IACR-Rothamsted, Harpenden

Beneficial pseudomonads enhancing plant growth
Dr Mark Bailey
NERC Institute of Virology & Environmental Microbiology, Oxford

The ecophysiological index and its use in rhizosphere analysis
Dr Frans De Leij & Prof Jim Lynch
University of Surrey

Session VIII - Beneficial Microbes: Biological Control
Chairman: Prof Mike Jeger

Biological control of fungal pathogens in soils
Dr John Whipps
HRI, Wellesbourne

Lux-marked bacteria and biological control in the rhizosphere
Prof Ken Killham
University of Aberdeen

Future prospects and developments in the rhizosphere - Open Discussion
Prof Mike Jeger
Wageningen Agricultural University